Our sole mission at Sushi is to provide our guests a sophisticated, fluid and sensory experience while maintaining a level of comfort & casual chic.

We truly want to know our guests, their names and their preferences. By doing so, we can develop their loyalty and the loyalty of many others to follow.

We know we can achieve this by delivering our three mantras…

  • Use the highest quality products and freshest ingredients possible
  • Cultivate & connect an attentive and knowledgeable service staff with chefs that are passionate & creative.
  • Create an atmosphere that reflects the simplistic and artistic nature of the Japanese culture

Respect & harmony for each.

The most frequently asked questions


What’s the difference between sushi & sashimi?
Sushi is hand formed rice topped with fish while Sushimi is pure, naked fish with out all the frills.

Maki, Tamaki, Futomaki… Maki me crazy!
These terms are easy to learn, maki is simply a hand roll sliced into 6 or 8 pieces.
Tamaki is shaped like a cone roll wrapped with rice paper & overflows with all the toppings.
Futomaki is a fat, super big roll, usually sliced into 4 pieces.

I don’t eat raw fish… so what’s cookin?
You have some choices in terms of sushi, you can order the eel, kani, shrimp or smoked salmon & of course, the cucumber, sweet potato or vegan roll.

I know sushis’ healthy for me but what’s the best?
Believe it or not fatty fish like mackerel, salmon & shrimp tempura topped with broiled eel & albacore tuna are recommended because of their high levels of 2 types of omega 3 fatty acids, the “good for you fat” that your body craves.

Can I substitute items based on my own likes?
We’ll accommodate substitutions, the general rule is to add $1 for the change & add the difference of price in what you want to substitute.

Will I become Japanese if I eat too much sushi?
It’s highly possible. But if you do, your in good hands with the Sushi O staff who will graciously guide you thru your transformation!